Segebade Equestrian LLC

• Riding Instructor
• Horse Trainer
• Clinic Instructor
• Professional Rider
• Show Ring Coach
• Outreach Ring Judge

While riding just might turn out to be your greatest pleasure, the qualities it fosters will serve you in all areas of your life. Build a lifetime of confidence, discipline, empathy, and a sense of responsibility through riding. First-timers will learn the fundamentals of horsemanship and sportsmanship through the discipline of riding. You will develop skills that can easily be applied to hunters, jumpers and hunter seat equitation.

Services are available locally in Ocean County, at The Posnerosa, in Jackson, NJ. It is a beautiful facility with a new barn & huge new indoor riding arena. Bring your own horse or Leslie can provide one.

Leslie has completed the SafeSport™ Core training as well as annual refresher training for adults who have regular contact with minor aged amateur athletes.

Leslie is also available to appear as a Guest Instructor to teach, train or coach at your clinic or event, or at your barn when there is no resident trainer on staff.


“Winning is fearlessly and consistently pursuing excellence in every ride.”

— Tonya Johnston

As students learn, grow and advance, many develop an interest in riding in the show ring. In the ring, students demonstrate their proficiency of hunter seat equitation at local, regional or national “A” level shows, in the Outreach ring at shows and Outreach shows.

You will be trained in Hunter class, where the focus is on how well you showcase the horse’s movement, style, and manners. Also included is Jumper class training, concentrating on the horse’s athletic abilities. Finally, you will be ready for Equitation class training, which focuses on the rider’s form and technique.

The best place to show off the relationship cultivated between horse and rider is in the show ring. When you train with Segebade Equestrian, you will become well-versed in all stages of horse showmanship. You will learn class rules, preparing your horse, proper equine nutrition, grooming, tack, and styles of equipment.

In addition to the skills required to train your horse, you will also receive training on how to properly exhibit. Showing a horse requires precision, discipline, concentration and focus – all while “selling it”. You will learn to have complete command over your horse, all while making it look effortless.

Discuss your show ring and competition goals with Leslie. She will help you create a plan to accomplish your goals, then train and coach you to success!


Leslie is currently qualified to judge the Outreach ring at schooling shows.